Four A's

Four A's

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Instantly, my anger ebbed away to be replaced by that incredible mixture of anticipation, apprehension and arousal (the AAA effect), that I always feel in this situation.

I experience the three A's too.
I would say that the level of each of these three A’s varies depending on what kind of spanking it is going to be, erotic or punishment or a combination of both. When it is purely erotic there is only a little apprehension. More apprehension if I'm in a particularly emotional state. I’ll usually feel a lot of arousal and a lot of anticipation.

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If I am being purely punished (no sex involved) then the apprehension is pretty high and there is also a fourth "A" which is apology. Not necessarily a verbal apology but a feeling of great sorrow for whatever I did that was so disappointing to myself and to my husband. I will feel sad in a certain way and very willingly and compliantly bend over and hold still as long as I can (which is sometimes not very long during a real punishment). I will feel an anticipation which is somewhat positive and somewhat negative. I look forward to it and then in a way I don't. It's sort of confusing even to me.

There is arousal during these punishment spankings too. In fact it is very arousing and definitely a very emotionally bonding experience for my husband and me. Interestingly enough, in some ways the punishment spankings are more arousing than the erotic type. They always bring a strong sense of all four A's.

These spankings are fairly rare but give me a strong sense of peace and emotional bonding for many days afterward. We have no sex afterward and sometimes I have a hard time sleeping because I feel sort of emotionally worked up and also physically uncomfortable for a few hours afterward.