My husband and I had been together for 22 years (on and off), before we got around to this kind of relationship. It has made a big difference to our lives, but not because of spanking. That was something we had been doing anyway. My husband had been spanking me all that time without it making me happier, sweeter, or more obedient (except on a very temporary basis). This is why I am slightly surprised by articles that suggest that spanking a woman can make an enormous difference to her attitude etc, because this was not the case with me. It required a sort of mental adjustment that was about more than spanking.

Spanking is an important part of our sexual and emotional life, and I certainly would hate to do without it, but it is not the thing that has made the big difference to my relationship with my husband, it is a change of mind that has brought about the change in our marriage. I seem to be sexually turned on all the time these days too. It's nice, but spanking isn't what has done it.


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